LOVE2RUN 11hook style hanger


Do you...LOVE2RUN? Or know someone who does?

Full size, single row 11 hook style hanger.

Australian-Made, laser-cut powder coated steel hanger.

The 11 hooks are designed for maximum bling presentation or to show your mixed collection of medals, ribbons, race-bibs, karate belts, goggles, anything!

This hanger can hold approximately 40 medals (providing it’s well anchored!)

This is a great option for those of us who dont necessarily stick to one style of race, or a particular distance, and just love to run!

We may not have every colour in every style available at all times, so please wait for confirmation before making payment.

Colour options are: (Dulux)

White,  Black,  Red,  Blue,  Green,  Pink,  Purple