Always Earned Never Given Hanger, TRIPLE BAR Style


Australian-Made, laser-cut powder coated steel hanger.

This amazing hanger is known as "the triple"
and it can hold a MASSIVE bling haul!

This large hanger is popular with family or couples who want to share a display, or for athletes with a very large collection of medals to put up.

The number of medals it can hold depends on the width of the lanyard, or ribbon. As long as the hanger is securely mounted, weight should not be an issue!
You should be able to comfortably display 60 or more medals easily.

Please be advised that this item is not usually kept on shelf, so there may be an extended delay when purchasing this item.

Colour options are: (Dulux) white, black, red, blue, green, pink or purple.

White or purple is on shelf now.